Blog post from the High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau announcing the taskforce charged with studying the feasibility and impact of a new multi-purpose stadium:

The taskforce now has the confidence to engage in Phase 2, which will determine site selection, funding sources and costs, and engaging with national and local developers. The taskforce has presented this vision to other key stakeholders in the community that could play a significant role in its success. So far, there has been overwhelming support by the private sector to see this project through.  The public sector is actively discussing the project and brainstorming potential plans of support. Community leaders recognize that this project is more than just about fun and baseball, it is the spring board that High Point needs to start the revitalization effort in the core city. Feet on the streets leads to development which the core city so desperately needs.

While the project is touted as a multi-purpose stadium, the idea is to lure the Coastal Plain League Hi-Toms from Thomasville. High Point is looking at everything from a farmer’s market to sea can structures as means to revitalize its “core city.” It will be interesting to see how far this project gets.