ObamaCare – the federal takeover of a huge piece of the U.S. economy – was supposedly going to lower costs, increase quality of services, etc., etc., etc.

Actually, no, as many folks have pointed out for several years now. Today, more analysis confirms it.

Just 2 percent of health plans available to consumers in the private insurance market offer all the coverage that will become mandatory next year under the federal health care law, a new analysis has found.

Only about one in 50 plans now comply with the main requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, according to HealthPocket Inc., a Sunnyvale, Calif., technology firm that “compares and ranks” health plans.

Consumers and the federal government might end up paying the cost of the new requirements through higher premiums.

Keep in mind that “consumers and the federal government” are you and me, funded by you and me.

What  consumers really need is a healthy dose of real competition in the insurance market, which would foster the creation of myriad coverage plans and options from which people can choose what works for them, not some blanket mandate from Washington which seeks to eliminate the rights of religious believers.

Those who believed the Left’s rhetoric have a major shock coming.