Allen West responds in Front Page Magazine to President Biden’s infamous quip, “You ain’t black.”

I am sure you recall those highly condescending and offensive words spoken by one Joe Biden four years ago during a podcast interview. Biden was insinuating that if you were a Black American who was confused about whether or not voting for him, well, you were not really Black. It reminds me of the insidious question posed to me by a young female student at Northwestern University asking me if I “identified as Black.” What in the Sam Hell does that mean? Well, for those of us attuned to the deranged woke identity politics of the left, the meaning is simple. Your skin color must determine your political associations. In other words, you are just like the Borg from Star Trek: Next Generation. You are not an individual, just a color—part of a collective.

And these progressive socialist Marxists just despise Blacks, or any minority individual, who would dare to think for themselves. And so the Democrats, aka Marxists, find themselves in a real pickle.

Joe Biden has gone from a 91% Black electorate support to polling of anywhere from 68 to 72%. That, ladies and gents, represents two torpedoes in the SS Biden-Harris, also known as Obama’s third term. So, what is the response? Yes, you guessed it, typical Democrat leftist: suck up and pander. “Hey, we will give y’all colored people more free stuff. And those other people, Republicans, are racist.”

I find that quite laughable when one considers that the largest State Republican party organization in America, the Republican Party of Texas, was founded by 150 Black men and 20 Whites in Houston, Texas. And on July 4, 1867, mind you. Yeah, Independence Day. The Republican Party was founded in 1854 on a single platform issue…ending slavery, a Democratic party institution.