Becket Adams writes for the Washington Examiner about the latest pronouncement from former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warned this weekend that President Trump’s administration is a gateway to fascism.

“The idea that [fascism] can’t happen here is just old-fashioned, my friends,” the former secretary of state warned this weekend during an address at Wellesley College. …

… The funny thing is that every supposedly fascist characteristic she attributes to the Trump administration can be attributed to her own disastrous 2016 presidential campaign. Think back to her characterization of the “deplorables,” or of the symbolism of choosing the Javits Convention Center in New York City for its glass ceiling for her Election Day evening, or of her roping off of journalists, etc. The fascist characteristics that Clinton listed most certainly can be attributed to the old Clinton White House, of which the former first lady was one of its shrewdest and most ruthless defenders. (Speaking of physical intimidation, I wonder what former President Bill Clinton is up to these days.)

Though Hillary Clinton did not refer to Trump by name this weekend, her winding speech warning about the rise of a fascistic United States was aimed squarely at the current resident of the White House.

“There is nothing normal about undermining the rule of law. There is nothing normal about attacking the press. There is nothing normal about trying to undermine another branch of government. There is nothing normal about trying to use the political system to go after your enemies. There is nothing normal about any of that,” she said.