Hollywood Leftists are befuddled that climate change alarmism is waning. Thus, it must be time for a sequel to the film that made Al Gore a millionaire.

Released in 2006 by Paramount andJeff Skoll’s Participant Media, the Davis Guggenheim-directed doc grossed nearly $50 million worldwide and helped propel Gore, its narrator, to a 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. But Bender believes that during the ensuing years, the fossil-fuel industry has changed the dialogue with a misinformation campaign. “They did a really good job of pushing back and confusing people,” he says. “Some people actually believe global warming doesn’t exist.”

Environmental activist Laurie David also believes a sequel should be on the agenda. “God, do we need one,” she says. “Everything in that movie has come to pass. At the time we did the movie, there was Hurricane Katrina; now we have extreme weather events every other week. The update has to be incredible and shocking.”

It’s all about the show, folks. All about the show.

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