The number of documented homeschool students has surpassed 100,000 for the first time in North Carolina. John Locke Foundation Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops analyzed the numbers in interviews for the Raleigh News and Observer and the Freedom Action Network’s “What Matters with Chad Adams” program. Stoops will discuss homeschool growth and other trends in private and public education during an appearance this afternoon with Bill LuMaye on Talk Radio WPTF. and the News and Observer‘s “Insider” state government news service reported on a first-of-its kind compilation of county-by-county data on targeted incentives from Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry and Research Intern Catherine Konieczny. N.C. counties promised $284 million in incentives from 2009 to 2014.

North Carolinians for Home Education cited Stoops’ analysis of homeschooling data. The Kernersville News published his column on the state Senate’s education budget. promoted Stoops’ recent research newsletters on SAT scores and paying teachers a market wage, along with Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders‘ newsletter on the impact of energy policy and Health and Human Services Policy Analyst Katherine Restrepo‘s newsletter on state certificate-of-need restrictions. A Fayetteville Observer column on hydraulic fracturing quoted Sanders.