The BLOB (Big Learning Organizational Bureaucracies)  wants the public to think home school students simply can not have the same opportunities as students who finish their education through the “traditional,” government schools.  Well this family proved them wrong! It takes the American spirit to make the connections for yourself,  and not rely on the BLOB.  The United States Military Academy in West Point just signed on a new punter, and he was home schooled kindergarten through 12th grade!

Mote’s route from Loganville, Georgia to West Point is not a typical one. He played his high school football for the Georgia Force, which is a team made up of home schooled students from around the metro area.

“The thing home school lacks that other schools have is connections, cause networking is 100% on you so you’re contacting the coaches, you’re making film, you’re doing everything,” said Mote.

When Georgia Military College made him an offer, he accepted becoming their starting punter. The networking and the hard work at multiple punting camps, clinics and combines had paid off. As a freshman he averaged 41.5 yards which was good enough for second best in the National Junior College Athletic Association.

“About mid-season I told the coaches I was interested in the academy so they started pitching out my highlight film and talking to the coaches and their connections and everything and then by mid-December I got a letter from West Point.”