John Locke Foundation President John Hood attracted national attention this week in connection with two major stories. First, the arrest of “ACORN pimp” James O’Keefe and three other men on federal charges in Louisiana prompted comments from Hood Wednesday at National Review Online’s primary blog, “The Corner.” Those comments later appeared on the Wall Street Journal‘s Web site, and both The New York Times and included Hood’s analysis in coverage of the O’Keefe arrest. Hood posted a follow-up blog entry Thursday. The second major story focused on President Obama’s State of the Union address. Hood posted a series of blog entries for NRO, earning notice from the Philadelphia Daily News, Orange County RegisterNational Journal‘s “The Blogometer,” Media Matters,,,, Creative Loafing, and World Actual News. Hood’s critique even earned him a place of honor as one of the day’s “worst people in the world,” according to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. In addition to those two major stories, Hood’s NRO commentary this week attracted additional attention from (for entries focusing on school choice data and political developments in Poland), (the Poland entry), and (the significance of Scott Brown‘s election win in Massachusetts). Hood also continued to provide analysis and insight to North Carolina media outlets this week. The Charlotte Observer interviewed him for an article about the surge in conservative activism in recent months, while the Winston-Salem Journal sought his thoughts about the global warming debate. The Garner Citizen took note in an editorial of Hood’s thoughts on proposed targeted tax incentives for ConAgra’s Slim Jim plant. N.C. Senate Republicans spotlighted in their daily e-mail Hood’s Daily Journal columns on school choice statistics and the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent campaign finance ruling.