The Winston-Salem Journal interviewed John Hood for an article about Gov. Pat McCrory’s budget proposals for nonprofit groups. The Triangle Business Journal cited Hood in a tax reform story. (A report from Raleigh-based The John Locke Foundation concludes that eliminating the personal income tax and replacing it with a consumption tax would create 80,000 jobs in the first year. Foundation President John Hood says concerns of regressivity can be addressed through personal exemptions that protect households with more people or lower incomes.)

The Wilmington Journal quoted Hood in an article about a proposal for a photo identification requirement for voters. (“North Carolinians are already required to show ID (though not necessarily a photo ID) when voting for the first time under certain conditions,” says John Hood, president of the John Locke Foundation, a Raleigh-based conservative think tank. “There is precedent, in other words, for treating some voters differently than others with regard to voter ID requirements.”)

N.C. History Project Director Troy Kickler took his expertise on the road this week to Liberty University. Kickler delivered public lectures on the themes “What is history?” and “How can we know the original intent of the Constitution?” Kickler also discussed constitutional ratification debates with a group of law students.

The Greensboro News & Record‘s “Mixing It Up” column cited “Piedmont Publius” blogger Sam Hieb‘s comments about Winston-Salem’s potential sale of two sports venues. A News & Observer guest columnist mentioned the John Locke Foundation while panning a new state tax incentive package for MetLife. The News & Observer‘s “Under the Dome” mentioned JLF in describing incoming Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint‘s visit to Raleigh this week.