JLF voices are taking the state by storm.  Rick and Donna Martinez are keeping up with their regular gig on State Government Radio.  The duo recently brought in JLF resident historian Troy Kickler to discuss what NC was like 230 years ago, the signers of the Declaration from NC, the Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge, and the Halifax Resolves.  All topics related to the spirit of liberty in Revolutionary-era NC. As a guest for Kevin Miller – who was filling in for Keith Larson on WBT-Charlotte – Rick and Donna dove into the immigration debate. With certain economic sectors dependent upon immigrant labor – a few of which were mentioned by Carolina Journal and picked up by the Wilson Daily – it might be hard to instigate enforcement of any bill that targets the average working illegal immigrant, said the three earlier this week. While in Asheville earlier this week, Chad Adams, hosting the Matt Mittan show, invigorated discussion on the topics of eminent domain, the state budget, and public education. Spending beleaguers this year’s budget, as exemplified by an across-the-board pay raise for state employees (guffawed at by Joe Coletti in the Wake Weekly). Terry Stoops took many of the opinions he has of education spending that he discussed with Chad to the Roxboro Kiwanis Club. The addiction to spending is common practice in our state, as the Heartland Institute makes painfully clear in their recent addition to their Legislative Principles Series.  In it, the institute quotes the Agenda 2004 section on economic development