Even though scientific evidence is far from conclusive, the General
Assembly is forming a commission to study what North Carolina should do about global warming In his Spotlight report,
Roy Cordato wrote that the state should do nothing since there would be
no meaningful impact on citizens but thousands of jobs would be
destroyed. He reiterated that message in an interview with WDNC-AM this
week. To further JLF’s position that the state commission should consider all perspectives before taking any action, JLF will host physicist and climate scientist Dr. S. Fred Singer at a Headliner luncheon on Tuesday. Prior to that, JLF and Sen. Andrew Brock will host a press conference at the
General Assembly, featuring Dr. Singer. The day will begin with the
distribution of the Michael Crichton book, State of Fear, to all legislators. In the book, Crichton warns that global warming alarmists
have “politicized” the science surrounding world climate change,
causing an unfounded state of fear. Tuesday afternoon, Singer will be a guest on WPTF’s “Bill LuMaye Show.”