Obama likes to jet around the world, making apologies for western civilization generally and the US in particular. The words are cheap and get him the applause he so desperately craves.

It’s one thing to “apologize” for things other people have said or done and something very different to apologize for something YOU have said or done because that entails admitting personal wrongdoing. After Obama’s shameful attack on the Supreme Court in the SOTU, he ought to issue an apology to the members of the Court. So argues Georgetown Law School professor Randy Barnett here. Barnett shows that the president’s scurrilous attack was not just extremely rude, but also factually incorrect.

How about an apology speech, Mr. President? While you’re at it, why not also apologize to millions of unemployed people who would have found jobs if it weren’t for your crazed agenda of expanding the government and throwing gobs of money at your political allies?