National: How much of each state’s budget goes to education?

Kansas: Governor signs bill addressing Kansas’ budget shortfall The $344 million budget shortfall for this year has been eliminated, but there is a projected $597 million for next year.

The failure of the KS Governor and Legislature to honestly balance the budget means tougher decisions will have to be made next year

Massachusetts: Governor signs spending cuts to eliminate budget shortfall for current fiscal year
MA Gov. Baker is trying to honestly balance the budget

Michigan: MI Gov. proposes $54 billion budget with investments in education, public safety “Snyder’s budget presentation…was complicated by a looming shortfall in the state’s general fund, which is projected to end the current fiscal year with a $325 million deficit. As a result, the governor also unveiled an executive order to cut spending by $103 million this year. Additional reductions are likely through negative supplemental spending bills.”
Hopefully the MI Governor and Legislature will take action to reduce spending and not use budget gimmicks to “balance” the budget

North Carolina: Economists predict $271 million shortfall this year
It is time for the NC Governor to propose spending cuts to balance the budget

Oklahoma: OK Legislative leaders say state budget hole to double “…falling energy prices and layoffs at Oklahoma energy companies means the budget shortfall for the fiscal year that begins July 1 ‘will be significantly larger’ than originally projected.”
Action is needed by OK Gov. and legislative leaders to seriously balance the budget and not use gimmicks

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