The local news cycle remains slow. We’re probably all still trying to steady our knees every morning with each scary blow in the national news cycle. Ever since the wee hours this morning, I’ve heard talk of starting a third party to run a “real conservative” against Donald Trump. Funny. I thought Ted Cruz was a real conservative who was doing fairly well in the primaries. What’s more, there is a third party that already has eleven candidates on the ballot, at least in North Carolina. It’s like media has this crazy blind spot. If a new spoiler party were to run a spoiler candidate who was as conservative as some of the aforementioned already on the ballot – would the media see him? Then again, I’m wondering if this secret meeting in Washington, DC has anything to do with that weird email invitation to a snobfest where Mitt Romney would “address the nation’s top conservatives” in DC at a March date TBA. At least Mitt and I are determined not to let this country be ruled by tyrants, but parachuting in a fourth-party dude is not the way to do it. As Trump says, there will be rioting.