Lowering the high costs of health care is a daunting challenge, but as JLF’s Jordan Roberts wrote in this piece published by the Fayetteville Observer recently, there are five steps North Carolina lawmakers can take to put downward pressure on prices. At the top of the list is to reform/repeal what’s called the Certificate-of-Need laws.

Despite claims that these laws need to be in place to ensure facilities stay open, research shows otherwise. These laws protect market incumbents while artificially limiting competition and raising prices. Lawmakers should, at minimum, exempt facilities that would most benefit patients, such as ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic services, substance abuse treatment facilities, kidney disease treatment centers, and mental health beds.

Jordan talked about CON laws when he spoke to the America’s Future Foundation (AFF) gathering in Raleigh. Jordan joined Triad physician Dr. Gajendra Singh at the event. Dr. Singh is challenging the state’s CON law. Hannah Niles of AFF hosted the event. (see photo above)

You’ll find more information about Certificate-of-Need laws here.