Steve Feinstein writes at the American Thinker about the future of government scare tactics linked to COVID-19.

So, here we are again: A new COVID variant has appeared on the world stage, this one called ‘omicron,’ supposedly originating in South Africa. It’s already been detected in Europe and Canada, and the inestimable Dr. Anthony Fauci opines it’s a matter of “when” not “if” it’s a major factor here in the U.S.

With Pavlovian predictability, the Democrats have shifted into an even higher “Vaccinate Now!” overdrive gear. This new strain is being used as the latest club with which to pummel recalcitrant vaccine resisters into shame and submission. ”Jab Now! What further proof do you need?” President Brandon went so far the other day as to read the large-type teleprompter that said, “It’s your patriotic duty to get vaccinated!”

From a purely scientific standpoint, not much is known yet about omicron. Upon initial investigations, it appears to be mild and not a particularly dangerous new development, according to South African Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who first alerted the world to the new variant.

However, to the Democrats and this administration’s operatives, neither this latest variant nor the original COVID itself was ever about public health. For the Democrats, COVID has always been about political control, a means to an electoral end, a method to remove President Trump in any way possible. Transmissibility and the requirement for social distancing gave rise to the oh-so-essential need for mail-in balloting for the 2020 presidential election. …

… Will this tack continue to work for the Democrats? How much longer will a COVID-weary electorate put up with Vax Now or Else mandates and concurrent elimination of their daily freedoms? It would be one thing if the Democrats were delivering a positive, successful improvement in the quality of life in America. But they’re not.