Since the State?s 2006-07 budget passed, and the education establishment received a windfall of cash, all attention is now focused on county budgets. Beware county commissioners! Superintendents, school board members, and misinformed citizens are exercising an all out assault strategy to AGAIN increase their education dollars. But the question of how much money is enough remains?

For those of us questioning education spending and results, the Sausalito Marin County School District gives us another example of big spending producing poor results.

More than $22,000 per pupil spending produces only 25 percent of sixth graders proficient. How is that for effectiveness and efficiency? Bill Evers and Paul Clopton accurately tell why the taxpayer receives little results for their investment in education.

Oh, I forgot for a minute ? policy makers need to just give the money since it is ?for the children.?

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