Rhino Times reports on the Guilford County Economic Development Alliance’s first meeting of the year. At that meeting, the annual budget was set. Given GCEDA has just over $103,000 in the bank, the $100,000 each from Greensboro, High Point and Guilford County governments will push the budget to over $400,00:

By far, the largest item in the 2019 budget is $130,000 that GCEDA will pay to a public relations agency to help advance the county’s name recognition as well as increase the appeal of Guilford County in other ways. Ever since GCEDA was founded three years ago, this has been a point of emphasis for the group, which often argues that Guilford County and the cities in it do not nationally have the reputation they deserve as great places to live and locate a business.

….The next biggest items in the budget, which was unanimously approved by the GCEDA leadership at the meeting, were $80,000 for professional services, $30,000 to cover travel costs to trade shows and cities with clusters of site consultants, $20,000 for a direct mail campaign and $20,000 for website enhancements.

That’s local government at work. We will see whether or not GCEDA’s efforts will bear fruit.