An article carried on Yahoo! News today discusses conservatives on college campuses. Here are some facts from the article (emphasis added):

  • US universities are often bastions of progressive Democrats
  • Democrats don’t always have a stranglehold on campus
  • “Conservative students are becoming less hesitant to speak out”
  • “actively involved” conservatives account for less than five percent of the student body at Harvard
  • [Fuentes] walks around Boston in “Make America Great Again” Trump campaign hats, even if it makes him a “pariah” by his own admission
  • “I was given death threats to my face by people”

Here’s the big banner headline Yahoo gave this story:

Conservatives flex Trump-era might on US campuses

It’s an odd definition of flexing might, is it not? I suppose rain flexes might in the Sahara by its half-inch per year.

But I agree standing up for one’s conviction despite the possibility of being an outcast, even receiving death threats, does evince strength.