Cut stormwater fees—-but the question is how to do that? In today’s editorial, the Winston-Salem Journal probes the different plans to that, which involve negotiation between the W-S City Council and the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners:

Months of efforts toward airport improvement costs had gotten little traction. Recently, the board of commissioners voted to ask the county’s delegation in the legislature to introduce a statewide bill that would exempt government entities from city stormwater fees. The airport board had also been considering a push to de-annex the airport from the city, which, if successful, would have freed the airport from stormwater fees and city taxes as well.

Councilman Robert Clark had suggested another plan, one for de-annexing parts of the airport that could have cut the airport’s annual stormwater fees of about $120,000 in half. Commissioner Ted Kaplan, who’s been leading efforts to help the airport, has called

Clark’s idea “a good effort.”

But it appears that the new agreement, which we hope will be reached, will be even better.

As for getting the General Assembly involved, Commissioner Walter Marshall adds a word of caution, saying “(w)e might go down there and be talking about the airport commission, stormwater, and it winds up being something else.”