The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation will break ground on the “Howard Coble Intermodal Transportation Center.”

N&R notes “perhaps fittingly, the new building is a scaled-down version of the hub’s more ornate original design, which carried an estimated price tag of $23.5 million”—- taking into account the former 6th District Congressional representative’s “frugal approach to spending.”

While that might be true, I’d like to think that Coble would be reluctant to have his name associated with a pseudo-governmental entity that has come up with more ways to spend taxpayers’ money than a dog has fleas. Just so happens –perhaps fittingly—- I saw an empty PART bus running down Elm Street this morning.

But what does Coble care any more? No doubt he’s enjoying successor Mark Walker sweat over fast track for President Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, considering how well NAFTA worked out for the textile industry.