The High Point City Council is still pondering what to do with $2 million in two-thirds bonds designated for parks and rec. Council member Latimer Alexander wants to use the money to finish off the greenway.

Leave aside the fact that we’re even talking about two-thirds bonds, the howler is some council members are actually saying well, gosh, too bad we can’t use that money on things like streets and infrastructure:

“I would just hope in the future that we would put as much emphasis on our streets and our infrastructure – in repairing those and getting things straight where businesses would want to come back in to the inner city and do business – as we do on the greenway, which probably less than 5 percent of the people in this city will ever visit,” said Councilman Mike Pugh.

We can hope all we want, but city governments everywhere have their agenda, and greenways are a major item on that agenda.