Following a cost analysis at the suggestion of council member Jim Corey, the City of High Point has determined “electric vehicles are far more expensive and the technology has not advanced to the point that they can meet the needs” of the city’s fleet.”

City officials cited battery replacement costs —ranging between $2,000 and $10,000 — as the main reason for holding off on electric vehicles. What’s interesting is the city already owns four hybrid Priuses, yet no mention is made of purchasing more. Tells me if the Prius were an effective cost-saving measure, the city would purchase more.

Let’s come full circle here –energy policy and people who won’t vote for President Obama again. One of them happens to be former Shell president John Hofmeister, who was on Hannity’s radio show yesterday. I know — evil oil exec –but Hofmeister happens to be a Democrat who voted for Obama in ’08. But he will not be voting for Obama this time around, mainly because he found the president difficult to work with, to say the least.