Completely flubbed last year, hurricane forecasters are still scratching their collective heads even as the members of the Church of Global Warming are praying for massively destructive storms to make their dreams come true.  This Lockerroom, non-climatologist is standing by his two year old forecast, “A hurricane will eventually hit North Carolina due to the fact that it happens from time to time.”  Having said that, I do wish we’d get about 10 inches of rain. . .

Hurricane Scientists Flubbed Forecasts for Two Years (Update1)
By Kelly Riddell and Elizabeth Lopatto

Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) — Hurricane researchers, who forecast
seven more storms this season, have flubbed the past two annual
estimates because of unusual El Nino and La Nina weather
phenomena in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The predictions reflect variables that make this kind of
weather forecasting “more art than science,” said Eric Blake,
a hurricane specialist at the National Hurricane Center in
Miami. Two of the nine Atlantic hurricanes predicted already
have occurred for the season that ends Nov 30. Last year, five
storms emerged after nine were anticipated.

Question of the day: If Hurricane forecasting is more art than science, might Global Warming be more art than science as well?