Mark Lewis writes at about an inconvenient fact for climate alarmists.

The Weather Channel notified us on August 31 that “Rare Hurricane Season August Shutout Possible.”  Really.  “August is one of the core months of [the] Atlantic hurricane season.”  But none this August.  Only once since 1966 has there been a failure of a least one tropical storm to develop in the year’s eighth month.  A few days prior to the publication of this article, the Weather Channel told us, “Atlantic Gets Busier; 4 Areas to Track Now.”  Please!  We need a hurricane to confirm that such climate disasters are indeed increasing like we say they are!  A few dead bodies are imperative!  But, no fear, climate activists, “the long-slumbering Atlantic Basin is finally showing signs of waking up.”  “Many quiet-start seasons have ended up busy.”  Hopefully, this year we’ll get a big hurricane or two yet that will smack the USA, kill a few million people, and prove those climate-deniers don’t know what they are talking about.

But, hurricanes decided not to go to work in August. Unlike Congress, they opted this month to not destroy American lives.  If only the Democratic Party, whose policies have hurt, and will continue to hurt, more people than any 100 tropical storms ever have, were as decent as hurricanes. The sad thing is, Democrats do it willingly, deliberately, and disingenuously. Sheep, thy name is Democratic Party voter.    

The climate change activists tout every hurricane, flood, drought, tornado, hot season, cold season, etc. as evidence for their hoax. “Extreme weather events” are mounting evidence of coming climate catastrophe, if we don’t all buy electric cars, eat insects, and use windmills and solar panels to cool and heat our homes and cook our bugs.  Their lies are getting more vocal, and disastrously, they are in power in America and Europe now.  The consequences are increasingly evident around the globe.  Can you say Sri Lanka?