The local daily is upset that the non-partisan Buncombe County School Board election is becoming partisan. A person, place, or thing known as Buncombe Forward is promoting what has become known as the “Clean Slate.” It consists of four candidates, three of whom are registered as Republicans, and one, a Democrat. That’s nasty, nasty, nasty. The Buncombe County Association of Educators’ endorsement of four Democrats only got one paragraph. Much of the concern pertains to Lisa Baldwin’s efforts to shake up the system and challenge the superintendent. She and her ilk represent the opposition party, as it were.

Just about everybody contacted for comment declined an interview, so the poor reporter had to deal with what she could get. Behold:

“As a member of the board, a community member and a as a parent, I’m significantly concerned at a group of individuals that seem to have an agenda that is more partisan than what I think is appropriate,” [Steve] Sizemore said. “They seem to be heavily influenced by the Tea Party and the John Locke Foundation, and that gives me great concern about the influence they might be under in the future. The only influence should be from the district residents.”