Wow! The John Locke Foundation has recruited another celebrity speaker. On April 13, the Headliner Luncheon will host the Honorable Ted Cruz. I am announcing this now, so you can start digging yourself out of the mess your substitute at work will leave when you take the day off. I actually liked hearing Cruz tell Hannity recently that he would repeal every blasted line of Obamacare, and I shuddered at his intention to abolish the IRS until he said he would repurpose all agents defending the southern border.

The presentation has a funny name, “Hear His Compelling Defense of Freedom,” as if we had a contingency out here that enjoyed being subjugated by control freakery. Actually, we do. It is those folks who are seduced by handlers into becoming their puppets if they will run for public office to do their bidding. It is quite creepy when you think about it. Folks who are supposed to defend your liberty love the attention they can get in exchange for some heavy personal chains.

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