Last week on NC Spin, Rob Schofield of the anti-taxpayer, anti-market, anti-citizen NC Policy Watch blamed low voter turnout on groups that complained about government incompetence and corruption. He didn’t mean things like this from the NC Spin email, did he?

More legislative self-serving
Another commentary on legislative ethics in our state is the story that former House Co-Speaker Richard Morgan will take advantage of a recently passed law that allows legislators to receive tax dollars for legal fees associated with their conduct while in office.
The previous provision was that a government official would apply to the Attorney General’s office for funding, but when Roy Cooper turned down Jim Black’s second request for funding for legal fees legislators changed the law to allow an exemption for themselves. Now taxpayers will pay Morgan’s legal bills relating to information he was subpoenaed to give concerning 37 groups or individuals. And here’s the really good part. There is no cap placed on the amount we will pay. Supposedly the fees are to cover only expenses related to Morgan’s official duties and his staff, but who’s minding that store?

Isn’t this the same Richard Morgan who recently took $500,000 from political campaign funds individuals had given him to run for office and gave it to himself for personal use? Is this the same Richard Morgan who then “loaned” the money back to his campaign fund? He’s got the dough, so why should we pay?

And people wonder why nobody respects or trusts public officials anymore.

It’s gotta drive the anti-good-government crowd crazy.