… that TIME writer Michael Crowley, who has yet to see through the flaws in Keynesian economics, also had a hard time grasping that the furor over global warming is misplaced.

The respectable center has recognized that climate change is not only real and man-made but also a genuine emergency. The scientific evidence has become too stark to indulge denial or dithering. The earth is hotter; Arctic ice is melting at a terrifying rate; staid institutions like reinsurers and the CIA are sounding dire warnings about rising seas and extreme droughts. There’s an emerging consensus that fossil-fuel apologists are on the wrong side of the battle of the century.

Noticeably absent from this piece is any mention of Climategate or of the inconvenient fact that there’s been no increase in the global average surface temperature for 16 years. What’s terrifying is a purported journalist’s unwillingness to let facts get in the way of his story.

There is, perhaps, one bright spot here: After writing this column, Crowley has absolutely no credibility left in covering climate-related issues. Informed readers will know that they should steer clear of anything else he writes on the subject if it’s billed as objective news reporting.