A decision to allow Hendersonville City Council members to take guns to meetings if they have a concealed carry permit was tabled. The matter came up last month, but was favored by only a 3-2 vote when a 2/3 majority was required for adoption. When the matter arose for a second reading, it met more resistance than at first. After delaying action, Councilman Jerry Smith made a motion to ban concealed carry on city property, except on streets and sidewalks, including inside cars. Evidently, anybody with a concealed-carry permit can enter city hall with a gun already. So, when the new council is seated, they will be rethinking a “more comprehensive security plan.”

There seems to me to be an easy solution. As wrecking havoc in random pockets appears to be the in-thing for Millennial wannabes, it makes so much more sense for anybody who wants to self-defend to be able to do so. It sure beats waiting for a hamstrung police force practiced in the art of looking good on YouTube to arrive on the scene. As always, the best defense is self-defense; and elected leaders ought become less confident in their abilities to justly choose who gets the Second Amendment and who doesn’t.