Mark Perry of AEI has created a chart that illustrates the migration patterns in this country — states we’re leaving and states we’re moving to. Check out the bolded top-line item. Note North Carolina’s location in the top chart, as an in-bound state — more of our moves are coming IN, versus leaving for somewhere else. Also note the last two columns on the right — average inbound vs. average outbound.

Mr. Perry puts the chart into perspective for us (emphasis is his)

There is empirical evidence that Americans do “vote with their feet” when they relocate from one state to another, and the evidence suggests that Americans are moving from states that are relatively more economically stagnant, Democratic-controlled fiscally unhealthy states with higher tax burdens, more regulations and with fewer economic and job opportunities to Republican-controlled, fiscally sound states that are relatively more economically vibrant, dynamic and business-friendly, with lower tax and regulatory burdens and more economic and job opportunities.

He’s essentially describing North Carolina, where we’ve been implementing pro-growth policies for several years now. We’re keeping spending under control, cutting tax rates so people keep more of what they earn, cutting out unnecessary rules and regulations. Now the challenge is to stay the course and avoid the natural tendency to spend more in good times. 

Well done, North Carolina. Let’s stay the course.