Hello friends, Let me tell you about my day.
I voted. Exercised my right. Yep, had my say.

It was easy. It’s my duty.
You should try it, like me.

Get in your car, hop on your bike
Walk if you must, it’s not a long hike.

Rev up your scooter. Run, skip, or jump.
Crawl on your knees, Slide in on your rump.

The founders saw to it that voting’s a right
Can we save what they gave us? Well, vote and we might.

You want to be smart, make an educated vote.
Read Carolina Journal, make a list, take a note

Choose a POTUS, a governor, a congressman too.
A state Rep and Senator to speak out for you.

Council of State races to vote on, eight of ‘em in all
In Wilmington a new stadium in which to play ball?

Think clearly when making a tax hike decision
Will community college buildings be part of your vision?

The ballot is long, so go all the way to the end
Don’t miss the judges, the Constitution’s best friend

So c’mon friends. There’s much at stake. Don’t delay.
Quit complaining about government and do it today.

Do it early, by mail or on Election Day. Don’t wait.
Make a difference. Be counted. Before it’s too late.

Cast your vote. I did. You should too. Join the fun.
And sport a cool sticker to show that your duty is done.