One thing about the administrative state in North Carolina is that it carries on regardless of the party in power.

Here’s a graph of the annual page counts in the North Carolina Register from Fiscal Years 2000 to 2019. This is a handy indicator of regulatory activity we have used for many years:

(Click the image for a larger size.)

This constant hum of regulatory activity is why sunset with periodic review is so important. As a regular clean-up of the state’s regulatory toolshed, periodic review has already been removing about one out of every 10 state rules examined.

But with regulation being fraught with red tape and overregulation, both of which are harmful to job creation and the state’s overall economic health, periodic review is not enough. That’s why we favor a menu of reforms and good-government policies to ensure that the state’s regulatory environment is light, lean, up-to-date, and sensible. They include: