Ray DiLorenzo writes for the Canada Free Press about a true threat to American society.

The two subjects Democrats like to talk about the most are democracy and existential threats, threats to our democracy and existence. Since Democrats live in a Bizarro world, everything they say is opposite of reality and priority. These threats to our existence if made in opposite order of consequence would be Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, and…drum roll, please…the Democrats themselves!

It is the Democrat Party, represented by the misinformed, the ill-informed, the MSNBC and CNN watchers, the rioters-on-a-moments- notice, the woke crowd, every worm that comes out of a closet, the dumb Anheuser Busch people who think putting a transgender on their cans is going to be a big seller. They are the lords of social chaos. Their tools are the illegal aliens, Black Lives Matter, the druggies and criminals on our streets, the transgenders they use as the Devil’s cross to keep Christians at bay.

They are the ignorant of those who are really calling the shots, the America-hating likes of Obama and company, the globalist toadies. Faithful to their Cloward & Piven strategy, overwhelming our country with social spending, they systematically pick away at America, hoping to destroy her with a thousand cuts, and working at cut number 938.

Among the many cuts, Democrats don’t see the irony of appointing themselves in the position of ‘Protectors of Democracy’ while not trusting the voters to do it. As many as 18 states do not require identification to vote. Democrats say it suppresses the vote. Of course it does. It keeps people who are not qualified to vote from voting…duhhh! And now 7 million illegal aliens have entered our country.

It is laughable when pundits give us election news and report that in spite of all the social chaos, voters still manage to return power to those who created the chaos, as if we had honest elections. The Left has perfected the fraud.