Representatives of the N.C. Association of Educators have complained in the past when observers have referred to the group as a union.

Those complaints will be harder to make given the following snippets from a Monday evening email sent by the “NCAE Organize 2020 Caucus.”

*Page 1 – “We were inspired by the powerful organizing and social justice focus of the Chicago Teachers’ Union and have been working to bring similar energy to North Carolina.”

*Page 4 – “This isn’t union-like activity. It’s union activity.”

*Page 7 – “The General Assembly didn’t give us permission to do this. We certainly don’t need their permission to call ourselves a union. More importantly we don’t need their permission to act like one.”

*Page 7 – “If May 16 is going to matter, we have to build our union.”

*Page 8 – “Our union is what we make it.”