Quite a dysfunctional city government they’ve got going over in Monroe. The UPoR summarizes some of the finding of a by Parker Poe Adams and Bernstein for the city:

• The report found “credible and objective evidence” that Police Chief Debra Duncan secretly recorded former City Manager Wayne Herron without his consent.

• Some employees are so convinced that City Hall is bugged that the report recommended the building be swept for listening devices.

• The report stated that “nepotism exists.” For instance, council member Dottie Nash’s husband, son, the son’s fiancée and an ex-girlfriend of the son were hired by the city. “City staff felt they had little choice in the decision to hire” the former girlfriend, the report stated.

And on even a more fundamental level:

Monroe, Union County’s county seat, has a population of about 33,000. Under its council-manager form of government, the manager is appointed by the council and is the city’s top administrator.

About 420 people work for the city, including about 50 in City Hall.

The report found that few on council understood or respected the council-manager form of government while few city managers have been willing to say no to council for fear they could lose their jobs.

Now that’s a winning combination…