The Huffington Post has an article about some vandalism supposedly done to a display “devoted to empowering survivors of violence and abuse” at UNC-Chapel Hill last week. The title of the post is “UNC ‘Courage Project’ Vandalized By Terrible Person Without Courage.”

The post’s title is very likely unintentionally true. The act of vandalism looks like, walks like, and quacks like a hoax, given that it is unlikely that anybody on the UNC campus cares enough about the “Courage Project” enough to deface it, and given that the deed matches the methodology and intentions of the many other hoaxes perpetrated on college campuses by left-wing activists who don’t get the negative attention from right-wing bullies that they desperately crave.

The people who created the display have been screaming for attention for the last year. One of them made a rather telling comment to the writer of the Huffington Post piece: “Last year, students, survivors, activists, and allies started something big at UNC. It’s up to all of us to keep the momentum going.”

It would appear that’s exactly what they tried to do last week–by vandalizing their own display.