Given that they’ve dropped of the presidential race—-guess what–you can’t change your vote in today’s North Carolina- Super Tuesday primary. Should be common sense, but the N&O felt inclined to inform us anyway. I won’t go so far as to say supporters of those in the Democratic primary field are a little short on common sense; I’ll just say they haven’t been provided with solid examples.

The N&O reports:

If you voted early in North Carolina and your candidate for president has since dropped out of the race, you won’t be able to recast your ballot.

If you lived in Michigan, you might be able to. Or if it were the 1970s.

“North Carolina allowed it for four years in the ‘70s,” said Wake County Board of Elections member Gerry Cohen. “It was a nightmare for election officials.”

Now if youdidn’t early vote, you’re faced with a conundrum—do you vote your conscience or do you vote for someone who actually has a chance to win? North Carolinians have been voting their conscience for years, given N.C. historically has been one of the last states to hold its presidential primary— the first Tuesday in May— when nominations for the challenging party are usually locked up. So I say if your heart tells you to vote for Mayor Pete, then do so–back door politics be damned.