Thursday, the evermeeting Asheville City Council sent out an announcement that they would hold a town hall meeting at 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, April 3. This is in addition to the other 2:00 meetings council has been convening of late. Council will meet at City Hall at the appointed hour, and then saunter cross-town to the US Cellular Center shortly thereafter for the business end of the meeting. The announcement has not yet made it to the city’s online master calendar.

In an article in the local daily, the vice mayor stresses council’s desire that the meeting will inform every citizen about how, in not so many words, Rep. Tim Moffitt’s, legislation could take money away from the City of Asheville. Since many businesses are closed Monday, citizens now have exactly one day to tell their bosses they must take three hours off for this very important meeting, and arrange for a non-citizen to cover for their absence. Weekly print media won’t be of much assistance in spreading new information, if there is any, as they will have gone to press already.