Eric Peters outlines for Washington Examiner readers the latest waste of taxpayer money on electric cars.

Why does General Motors continue to throw money at electric cars?

Perhaps because it’s not their money. It’s yours. And mine.

In the form of apparently endless taxpayer-extorted “help” to spur the design and manufacture of vehicles that have to be given away at a loss because — channeling Donald Trump — they are losers.

First the Volt — so few of which were offloaded (“sold” would be an affront to honest English) GM had to idle the plant devoted to their assembly. Then GM doubled-down and ginned up the ELR — a Volt dressed in Cadillac duds that was the ultimate dud. So few of them were offloaded (no surprise, given each one cost twice what a Volt listed for) it made the Volt seem like a bases-loaded homer.

Now comes the Bolt.

Another $30,000 (that’s after the $7,500 federal direct-to-the-buyer bribe) automotive turducken that’s inferior in every way function can be measured to a 1984 Yugo.