President Obama acknowledges that Scott Brown should be seated before the Senate goes back to overhauling health care, but he is not rethinking the strategy, just the tactics. He wants the divisive, partisan, polarizing plan Democrats have been crafting in secret with special interest lobbyists to be the plan.

I think it is very important for the House to make its determinations [on the Senate Bill]. I think, right now, they’re feeling obviously unsettled and there were a bunch of provisions in the Senate bill that they didn’t like, and so I can’t force them to do that. Now I will tell you, and I’ve said this before, that the House and the Senate bill overlap about 90 percent. … And so, it does seem to me that there should be a way of, after all this work and all this pain, there should be a way of taking what’s best in both bills and going ahead and getting that done.

So the President thinks the voters of Massachusetts should just put a sock in it.