It’s one of the great ironies of America that so many liberal politicians and voters (you all know that there should be snicker quotes around the L-word) are forever blathering on about how they want to do so much to improve the world “for the kids.” They want to purify the environment and “fully-fund” educational programs, and redistribute wealth and much more — all for the good of America’s children. But those same people (and, it must be said, some non-liberals, too) are so busy with their work and social activities that they ignore their own children, warehousing them in day care centers in the day and allowing them to vegetate in front of the television or computer screen at night.

For years, there have been suggestions that it isn’t good to ignore children, but the liberal defenses have bristled with rationalizations, excuses, and “how dare you….” rhetoric.

Now along comes Mary Eberstadt’s book Home Alone America, which pretty much smashes through those defenses like the Marines smashed through Saddam Hussein’s. You can read a splendid interview with the author here.