Surely you remember those Ebonics IQ tests that circulated a couple decades ago. The point was that standardized tests were designed to reward bookish white man culture, whereas people in the ghetto moved just as many brain cells, but for other purposes. The only story problems I recall were racy to my bookish white man culture, so I shall leave it to the reader to find his own copy if interested.

Anyway, a big news item is that SAT scores are down in Western North Carolina, in North Carolina, and across the whole country. I attribute this to a failure of the testers to move with the times. Intelligent people today communicate in 140 characters or fewer. They don’t use words, TUFL. Besides, computers finish words and provide the correct punctuation, and calculators do the math. True intelligence these days consists in having enough money to keep up with the latest technology and knowing how to push buttons (or small fingers and youthful eyes).