The Reverend Dr. William Barber is at it again. The Rev. rose to fame with his attacks on state reforms viewed as being “Republican.” The latest campaign has the backing of the NC NAACP and Democracy NC, and its objective is to increase voting access and educate voters on key issues. The slogan, unveiled at a gathering January 6, is “It’s Our Time – It’s Our Vote.”


Where I come from, one does not tell people for whom to vote or how to vote. One answers questions with data – like hard copies of proposed legislation. It is OK to present a number of reasons why something is a good idea or a bad idea and weigh the costs and benefits, and it is OK for somebody else to interpret the facts differently. But it is considered coercive and demeaning to tell others we are of one mind and this is how we’ll vote.

Barber should at least appreciate the vote suppression I am experiencing while my driver’s license is sent back and processing with an estimated resurfacing date six months from now.