As John Kerry droned on in the background, a bunch of over-reacting University of Florida campus cops haul a kid off for asking a few contentious question to the failed 2004 presidential candidate. As the students asks “What did I do?” the cops use a Taser on him. Just listen to Lurch continuing to speak as if nothing is happening. Pretty amazing. Also amazing is that no one came to the kid’s defense, even verbally. Great PR for UF. By the way, the protester was taking issue with Kerry’s refusal to contest the ’04 election results, so I don’t think he was a conservative protester.

As Ace points out, this is quite a different reaction when conservative speakers are disrupted much more vociferously at campus events.

And check out the absolute kid glove treatment that the Code Pinkos got when they disrupted an event last week at The Heritage Foundation.

UPDATE: Looks like the Florida student may have had it coming. From a firsthand report it sounds like he was a total ass and expected special treatment, meaning that he was in the back of the question line and wanted to be up front. From the video above, which didn’t show what was leading up to this moment, none of his obnoxiousness is evident. Also, reports say that Kerry tried to accommodate the student and answer his question but the student was even then less than gracious. I think the police could have handled this without a taser, but I don’t feel sorry for the guy. And John Kerry, who seems oblivious to the goings on in the video, in a charitable interpretation, may have been trying to calm things down. If I was unfair to him in the original post, I apologize.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to video that starts before the one above and continues long afterward. It is conclusive proof that this guy is a lefty moonbat as well as a journalism major. (The New York Times is probably already calling.) Not sure he had to be tasered, but the cops, as you will see, were amazingly patient afterward. Meanwhile, the guy actually thought “the government” was taking him away to kill him. The Rodney King rule, I guess, applies here. If the cops ask you to come along, just do it…and then call your lawyer.