Sen. Leader Phil Berger’s office issued the following press release at midday Wednesday.

INSANITY: Stacey Abrams, Dem Groups Attack Free Mobile ID Service As “Anti-Voter and Anti-Democratic”

Proposed NC budget allocates $5 million for a van to drive to people’s homes to give them a free identification card

Stacey Abrams, far-left activist groups slam the free ID program as “anti-voter and anti-democratic”

RALEIGH, N.C. — Stacey Abrams and far-left activist groups are simultaneously complaining that it’s too hard for homebound people to get an ID card, and that a program to deliver free ID cards to homebound people is “anti-voter.” Here’s the background.

In 2018, North Carolina voters decided to amend their state constitution to require photo voter ID. Since then, activist groups have been fighting in court to overturn the will of North Carolina voters to require photo ID when casting a ballot.

One complaint from the activists was that some voters might find it too difficult to obtain an identification card because they would have to leave their homes to do so.

In response to that complaint, legislators included in a budget proposal a $5 million appropriation to the N.C. State Board of Elections to fund a mobile unit to deliver free identification cards to homebound voters.

Even though the program directly responds to their own complaints, Stacey Abrams and far-left activists this week slammed the free mobile ID unit.

The Southern Coalition for Social Justice, which purports to advocate for “voting rights,” said the free ID program is “an attack on elections.” The League of Women Voters called the free ID program an “attack on voting.”

It’s unclear how delivering a free ID to a voter’s home is an “attack on voting.”

Sen. Warren Daniel (R-Burke) said, “Just so we’re all on the same page here, Democrats are simultaneously claiming that it’s too hard for homebound people to get an ID, and that delivering a free ID to homebound people is ‘anti-voter.’ This is absolute insanity.”