Campbell Law School Professor E. Gregory Wallace writing in the News & Observer:

Many gay individuals have suffered hateful forms of discrimination, so their concern about whether RFRAs will give businesses a “license to discriminate” against them is understandable.

The fear that such discrimination will occur is greatly exaggerated. The overwhelming majority of religious business owners have no objection to serving gay persons meals, renting them hotel rooms or selling them products. If they deny such services, they almost certainly will lose in court even if NC’s RFRA passes.

… Public debate on the N.C. bill should be driven by facts and reason, not demagoguery. No one who understands the operation of RFRAs over the past 22 years seriously expects them to be used to justify widespread discrimination against gays.

No demagoguery around here –especially not from N&R columnist Susan ‘Bigots R Us’ Ladd.