You’ve probably heard stories about kids in North Carolina public schools who come home with classroom assignments or words from a teacher that reflect a Leftist or socially liberal bent, leaving parents who don’t hold those views very concerned. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has, too. This week he announced a task force to dig into what’s happening. The task force consists of 12 members, one of whom is Locke’s Dr. Terry Stoops, Director of Locke’s Center for Effective Education.

Carolina Journal reported on the news conference.

The F.A.C.T.S task force — standing for Fairness and Accountability in the Classroom for Teachers and Students — is an advisory board composed of education professionals, including teachers, administrators, and university professors. Robinson, a Republican, officially announced the task force at a news conference on the steps of the Hawkins-Hartness House in downtown Raleigh.

“We want this task force to be a resource for parents and students who feel they are unable to tackle the issues they are facing in their schools,” Robinson said. “School is supposed to be a safe place to go to for the purpose of instruction.”

Listen to Lt. Gov. Robinson explain the mission of, and reasoning behind, the task force.


Lt. Gov. Robinson was asked for an example of what he’s concerned about. It’s an amazing story.


So what comes next for this 12-member board? What must happen before action can be taken?


In the meantime, what does Lt. Gov. Robinson advise parents to do?