It’s been a few years since you declared there was nothing new to say about the City of Asheville’s coveted water system. On the outside chance that the eyeball-deep lack of cogent remarks have boiled out your ears and you’re ready to come back for more, there will be an umpteenth forum Monday at 6:30 at Jubilee.

The local Republican party has come out with at least a couple statements telling people to vote “no” on the referendum. The official statement argues against privatization, which everybody seems to think is off the table and has been. Another argument claimed the city was trying to sell water it didn’t own, when the full referendum question is:

Shall the City of Asheville undertake the sale or lease of its water treatment system and water distribution system?

The BCGOP is presumably supporting for re-election the candidate that wants the city to lose control of the treatment and distribution systems. This would be curious if we didn’t already know the name of the game was to campaign down to people like they’re stupider than anyone.

In the latest development, MSD has considered various options for a merger as part of their “good-faith negotiations.”