I am posting this list because these kids and their projects are impressive.

Charlotte Myers Park High School

Banerjee, Debolina, “New Paradigm of Efficient Signal Acquisition Using Compressive Sampling”

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Chudasama, Shalini Laxmikant, “Characterization of Heparin Complexes”

Jariwala, Akhil Arvind, “Identification of Transcription-Related Synthetic Lethal Gene Pairs as Targets for Future Chemotherapeutic Drugs”

Jiang, Tian-Yi Damien, “On the Period Lengths of the Parallel Chip-Firing Game”

Khlystov, Nikita Andreevich, “Development of an Aptamer-Based Sensor for Protein Identification”

Lett, Lanair Amaad, “Histone Deacetylase-1 (HDAC-1) Increases Beta Cell Proliferation in 832/13 Cells and Rat Islets”

Lodaya, Hetali Mayur, “Computational Analysis of Stilbene Small-Molecule Therapies for p53”

Mauney, Alexander William, “Interrelatedness of Frequency, Amplitude, and Velocity in Underwater Undulatory Swimming”

As Joanne Jacobs points out, most semifinalists nationwide are Indo- and Asian-Americans and nearly half are female.